a guy in your high school who wants to rule the world.
dude, your such a smallwood.
#dave #nazi #communist #hitler #swastika
by connoe June 08, 2006
Top Definition
A cool guy with a noble yet unfortunately ridiculed (especially during the middle school years) surname. This cool guy, mind you, kept a list of all of those punk-ass kids. Warning: the dragon sleeps, but his slumber can be easily awakened...his wrath will be indescribable.
Joe: Hey, do you know Smallwood?
Jeff: Yeah, he's a cool cat!
#big dong #king kong #unfortunate last names #jeffing #blumpkin
by cincinnati bowtie November 08, 2006
Truly one of the worlds legends, a heroic figure currently residing in Edinburgh (for the yanks amongst u, edinburgh is the capital of scotland, and no scotland is not a part of england, its a separate country!).
Person 1: hey, who's that hero over there?
Person 2: u serious?
person 1: yeah, he looks awesome!
person 3: dude, thats smallwood! he saves babies in his spare time
crowd: {collective sigh in awe}
#smallwood #smallio #christian #hero #legend
by Smallio Banderas April 10, 2006
a term used to describe when a male has a small penis.
girl #1: i had sex with john last night
girl #2: how was it?
girl #1: horrible, he has a small wood!
#small balls #woody #small wood #penis #hidden penis
by dgdd;ljkpq38fhjsdf;lsdf February 17, 2008
A man with an exceptionally undersized penis
I need something bigger than that smallwood that you are packing
#mattsized #littlewond #needledick #tinyted #isenpeter
by I. M. Aword Smith May 17, 2009
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