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Something you'd say when you meet someone unexpectedly....
*you run into your friend in your vacation far away from your hometown*

Bill: HEY Bob!
Bob: WOW!! Small world, huh?

Also in resident evil 4:

*Leon runs into cabin*
Luis: LEON! Small world, ehh?
by KHAYOS January 21, 2008
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A cool website.. U can say anything u want pretty much and u won't get banned. U have to be 13 and up to go on it, but tons of younger kids go on pretending they're 13! It's fun. U can be VIP and non VIP, and u can make any place u want. It's an awesome site, but Not many people know about it!
Rose: Ooh did u try
Lilah: umm wats tht? Sounds STUPID

Lilah goes home and decides to chek it out.

3 months later

Lilah: OMG yayyy I got VIP and I won cute or boot!

Tim: WTF r u talking about?
Lilah: It's awesome
Tim: sounds stupid
by Glittergal May 26, 2011
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An attraction at the Disney World and Disney Land Theme Parks. One of the creepiest things any human being can ever experience.
"I just got off Smal World. Jesus that was creepy."
by MCnyce Returns June 11, 2005
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Area in Clinton,Maryland Not overall as hard as where I stay at But hard nevertheless.
Small World gets shout outs at the gogo.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit May 05, 2005
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A set that can be found in the metro area that is represented by the residents of Clinton, Maryland. Most recognized because one of gogo's hottest clubs is located there.
I'm gon rep Small World til I die.
by Corey Dyson May 02, 2005
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she is so smallworlds. did you see that smallworlds? when are you gonna teach me how to smallworlds?
by xoxosmallworlds143 November 27, 2010
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