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The condition which compells men to overcompensate their lack of manhood by overachieving in other areas, bodybuilding, for example.
That guys soo uptight, and mean to all women...
I bet he suffers from small penis syndrome.
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003
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Any man who feels so inadequate about his penis size that he compensates for it by buying ridiculously large shit he doesn't need. This usually involves buying the biggest truck they can, raising it and putting airplane tires on it. Owning 20 or more large guns, talking about being violent or making threats when they are cowardice. And sleeping with big women to feel adequate, because they lack self esteem. They usually tend to hit, disrespect or yell at women. This may be because women won't/can't sit on their tiny dick. They also usually have a shit load of kids because they try to wear XL condoms, thus leading to unwanted kids whom they also beat and yell at.
Anyone with a unnecessary raised truck with huge tires, lots of guns, a huge 7 room house, or a reputation for lying about themselves in general, yet still doesn't have a goddamn woman. This can make them have small penis syndrome.
by cracker13 January 17, 2010
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Personality syndrome identified by low self esteem in association with a disproportionately small penis. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the provocation of others in argument in an effort to boost the Small Penis Syndrome (SPS) sufferer's low self esteem. SPS is easily identifiable among owners of monster trucks and forum trolls. SPS sufferers often associate themselves with the American Quarter Horse (AQH) in a paradoxical display of horse penis envy. There is no known cure for SPS, however, ignoring those afflicted with the syndrome will make them go away.
Just ignore the troll. He has Small Penis Syndrome and is just attempting to boost his self esteem by provoking others.
by Mushroom Webster March 02, 2010
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or buying a ferrari..
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
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Term used for people of an envied lifestyle who do not seem to desrve it. Used by jealous little fags with penis size similar to or less than average. This term is always used by the poor, the scrawney, the obese, the ugly, the stupid, the ignorant. Never used by people who respect that the size of theirs is nothing short of monstous- people like that don't need to assume everyone cool is making up for it.
GUY1: That dude has a ferrari.
GUY2: He has small penis syndrome.
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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