To the vast majority of women, a penis of less that seven inches long, and six inches around. Sure, science might have it different, but women know what fills them up and makes them feel good. If you're smaller than that and your girl says you have a small cock, then it's justified. Wave around your scientific studies all you want... they reflect what's out there, but not what a woman wants to feel inside them or what we consider to be average size.
Jenny: "My boyfriend has a small penis, so I dumped him."

Rick: "Oh dear, what size was he?"

Jenny: "6 by 5.5."

Rick: "That's just the right size!"

Jenny: "Spare me. That might be what the studies reflect, but it feels like a gherkin inside me. I want my boyfriend to be at least 7 by 6, and all my girlfriends agree."
by Amanda Oakes June 23, 2010

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