A penis which is small. Generally held by those less gifted, not just white people. Medical facts have given explanations for that urban myth and have proven it wrong.
Damn son, you're hung like a field mouse!
by LuDa May 22, 2003
A penis of less than five inches. But most girls are willing to deal with a small penis if there is a caring and sweet guy attached to it. There are other things you can do in the bedroom with a girl, and LOTS of things to do outside the bedroom that mean a lot more to us. Yes there are some shallow girls demanding 7+ inch penises but most of them aren't worth the time of day anyway. The whole size thing is overrated.
Would I rather be in a relationship with a sweeheart with a small penis, or a total jerk with a big one? I'll take a small sweetheart any day.
by AmyK92 October 22, 2010
A penis that is usually no longer than 4 inches. Nearly every man on earth wouldn't want this. Also known as a "Maggot".
Nico said,"Oh my god, you have a small penis! Oh well, a little wank will do some good..."
by Prince Myst December 20, 2007
manhood which is more boyhood, can be owned by any colour man, it aint a white ting - read Franz Fanon who dispels that myth.
Hey you Ja Rule-lovin bitch how come you've got such a small penis?
by The gifted1. June 13, 2003
Term used to describe anyone who is of an enviable lifestyle, yet dosen't seem to desrve it. Used by jealous people who are somewhere around the average.
That guy only bought a ferrari coz he gots a small penis.
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
Short for small penis.
Deepraj Virk has a small penis, that is why he is still a virgin.
by patrick lemieux November 28, 2013
toby walton has a small penis, and a very big head that is too big for his body, he may have dwarfism. only 2 inches, and is ugly
small penis
toby walton
by chickenfillet! October 20, 2010

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