People that have gained an ACTUAL 10lbs since high school, and are HUGE in their own minds now. People who THINK they can lift "enormous" amounts of weight, always exaggerating greatly.
TSInLS1, the UN-legitimate AAU World Record Holder for deadlift in the 17-18 year old range for his bodyweight.
by Muscleshop May 01, 2004
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a disrespectfull term used to describe any smaller tag along trying to act older or grown up because they want to fit in and gain undeserved respect. its opposite is big fry. as you ain't no big fry yet
hey kid your still just a small fry why dont you run on home
by saxe malice March 23, 2007
A nickname for a super short girl!
Wow Wendy is only 5ft3 she sure is a small fry!
by D Newt June 15, 2014
A fridged human-being who doesnt know what to do when in the company of a girl.. Normally gets hard and cums over the slightest of touches, normally grows up to be homeless and homosexual.
Adam Oliver, Smallfry
by mighty grande November 03, 2009
To Smallfry is to go about having sex with someone but come away from the experience not knowing if you did or did not have sex.

The word is normally used when unsuspecting virgins try to "pop their cherry" but don't know if they did or didn't do it.
Steve: I finally got with Sarah last night but I think I did a Smallfry!

Steve's mates: Did you hear about Steve last night??? He finally got with Sarah but was totally Smallfried!
by Xpert? April 28, 2009
A penis that is so small, it can be compared to a McDonald's french fry.
Your small fry is quite embarrassing.
by Loopyloofah December 27, 2010
A girl who is usually of pre-teen or teen age, and is part of a group of similar girls. They tend to hang out at the malls, movie theaters, and shopping centers, acting like little princesses.
Yo man, don't be tryin' to get her number, she's a small fry. You might get in trouble.
by Al-Dawg July 07, 2006

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