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Something that anyone named nick has and blows
Nick has such a small dick
by Bertbugbrent February 24, 2009
a.k.a. the dick size of a guy named Marshall
Your small dick is about the size of Marshall's!
by danemagicman234 August 24, 2008
a pathetic little loser penis the size of bic lighter when erected. Jim Burner has one and all of his gf's have had to cheat with real men to be satisfied. smalland dicks dont give girls orgasms and "men" who have them should be publicly exposed and laughed at.
jim's small dick is only 2.7 inches long erect with a 3 inch circumference. he should be ashamed!!!!
by jim burner July 06, 2010
a guy with a small penis is the most unnatractive thing ever/a turn off
dont let the ladies fool you, size does matter
if a guys hot but he has a small penis forget it

perfect penis size 7-9inch and THICK
I'd take an average guy with a big dick over a hot guy with A Small dick
by truthful September 15, 2006