A small little kid, usually blonde haired, who enjoys irritating others and in general considers himself an all around pro, when in actuality he is the exact opposite.
Small: WOW i am so pro at everything and i am better than you

Not Small: Small, stop being so irritating and thinking your so much better than everyone
by lednas June 21, 2010
Underwear. A colloquialism used primarily by northerners in the UK.
"Help me with the laundry would ya ,chuck."
"Aye, but I ain't touching yer smalls"
by veggity August 06, 2005
- A name you give to someone who has a major impact on you, will toke it up with you anytime of the day,and can cheer u up just by the smile on their face.
Sandlot, Robin and Batman, shaggy, and the original Smalls S.L.B VTG 09-10
by VTG Biggie April 15, 2010
an eighth of marijuana. technically 3.5 grams.
A) i'm looking for a small, how much?
B) it'll be 30 (dollars)
by slak October 03, 2003
Currency in terms of hundreds of dollars. "Five small" = $500. "Five large" = $5,000.
"How much did you win at the casino last night?"

"I won five small" ($500)
by dtothep April 12, 2011
comes from the main character in The Sandlot.
1. name used to describe someone who is rather oblivious or a beginner to the game of baseball.
2. nickname for lauren e because she is tiny, new to the game of softball, and also a great friend.
coach: "go to left field"
player: "where is that again?"
coach: "your killing me smalls!"
by biggz February 20, 2005
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