A 2 inch penis that doesn't even qualify as a penis. It ejaculates in 30 seconds because it's a short trip for the semen.
Vinny had a small penis?

My 8 year old brother had one jsut like it

That Small. Pathetic? Was the Sex good?

Never go to it. He blew his load all over his boxers before we even began.
by Jesse Saline June 13, 2003
Short for small penis.
Deepraj Virk has a small penis, that is why he is still a virgin.
by patrick lemieux November 28, 2013
A penis of 4 inches or less. And by this, a 4.5 inch penis is still tiny. It provokes a girl to laugh right in your face and never call you again. Even though you may be a teen, it should not be small.
HAHA look at this guy's penis. Even though he is 15, it still is small! What a Small Penis
by Wonderfulperson May 26, 2013
Christopher Clay Brown
Born March 28, 1994
Lives in Monroe GA.
Not good in bed when you are able to fall asleep and not feel anything.

Oh and controlling..
Lalalalalalal,, don't fuck what isn't there(small penis) (:
by sexloved98 July 07, 2011
brett dash has one
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
The neighbour who bought the apartment above you to a MUCH cheaper price than yours. The work-buddy who bought your looser stocks at the right price and sold when they where all-time-high. The guy who have more than two women around him during a party despite his total abscense of humour and the boring fact that he was born rich and handsome.
I bought this Porsche Speedster -59 for $300.
by Peppe E May 22, 2003
Tiny little thing that your brother has or your b/f
You: Geez, you wanna put that thing in me?
Your b/f: Why not?
You: Fuck, that couldn't make a rat orgasm
by vicki May 27, 2003

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