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inappropriately venting negative emotions in scenarios in which one with an average penis length would easily handle
A condition of most eighth graders and many nineth graders small dick syndrome is incurable: you either have good dick genes or weak dominant dick genes

The desire to frequently masturbate will increase with small dick syndrome as there is almost zero chance of sexual experience. If there is a first it will be the last as word will spread rapidly
by Kim Laughs January 24, 2013
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When a member of the male species is a complete dickface to girls/people in general to compensate for his complete lack in size of penis. He often likes to consider himself a womanzier.
1) James Finch.

2) "Wow, what a douche. I think you might have small dick syndrome!"
by LOlolwtfbbq June 04, 2010
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a disease that when u give a blowjob the man can not fill ur mouth cause his penis is to small
small dick syndrome- man has a very small dick
by janisha March 17, 2008
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