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Abbreviation of word "Smagma"
Go to Smagma
by brad_sk88 November 15, 2003
2 34
another word for a cigarette
Dude, gimme one of your smags
by katie kay July 08, 2006
94 20
All things dope!. (Cars, Clothes, Hoes)
Hot chicks with tattoo's are SMAG!
Dope music is SMAG!
by Money $Ron August 15, 2011
16 6
A person who smokes weed, then acts in a gay or homosexual manner.
"Hey Big Daddy W, look at Papa James rubbin up on your and callin you cutie after takin that huge hit of weed, what a SMAG."
by Big Daddy W April 13, 2010
28 21
An abbreviation for "small Asian girl"
After performing a trend analysis, I realized I only date smags.
by intosmags February 24, 2011
12 14
Smoke-tag. To hit someone with a smoke grenade in Gears of War. Smagging is similar to Frag tagging, where one sticks a grenade that is actually lehtal to someone. Smagging, however, does not kill. It only maims the pride.
"Aw, son of a bitch! I killed him, but he smagged me. What a bastard!"

"God Damn it! He smagged me and ran off!"

"Ha ha, look at that jackass I smagged. You can see his trail of smoke as he runs off and hides."
by Daedra9 November 11, 2008
6 10
Want to smoke a fag?

usually if said fast "wanna smoke a fag" it comes out as "smag"
Miki: Wanna smag?

Cassy: Ye gimme one.
by mikhalb March 13, 2011
8 14
a combination of "a tad" and "a smuge"; larger than a tad but less than a smuge. for an amount of something.
person 1: "Hey, how much do you like joe?"

person 2: "Only a smag"
by booksRlife August 13, 2009
3 11