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being one of comitting an act of stupidity; Name given to one who commits an innocent but stupid act; One who commits acts void of common sense; Term of endearment for those who commit acts void of common sense
I cant believe your wearing shorts in the snow; what a smackjob.
by SickNastyLeon December 06, 2006
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The act of a man standing against a wall with his legs spread open, then another individual charging and smacking them (with a hand or object) in the testicles.
John: Man my balls are killing me

Sean: Why dude?

John: Phil gave me this crazy smack job last night... it hurt so good
by Lenny Ganz July 03, 2010
Used as a derragatory remark : refers to the act of waking someone up by smacking your dick on their face.
He's suck a fucking smack job.
by Rambel April 11, 2005

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