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Undesirable leftovers.
Who left the smackins on the counter?
The only girls left at midnight were smackins.
by Smittytricks December 28, 2010
1 2
thizzin, high on x originated in the yay area, made most famous by Mac Dre
we were super smackin after poppin some thizz
by thihzz iz wat it iz April 23, 2006
153 21
Thizzin,high off Ex, but can also means when a male is fucking a female.
I was smackin 'em all night.
by Victoria916 September 09, 2006
67 41
to be crackin or fun

that party was smackin the other night!
by ecrizzel April 05, 2009
53 44
It's an effect you have when thizzing you might be smacking on some gum or candy after you pop a xtc pill
Soon As I Stepped In The House I See People Smackin' Nd Sippin' On OJ.
by TashaBaby May 11, 2008
4 7
To be really good (relating to food).
Yo, this chicken is smackin!
by Nellie November 11, 2003
44 53
to jack off, jerkin your gurkin, slopin your stick, tug o war with the one eyed cyclops
leave me alone im smackin
by Grype May 11, 2004
16 68