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It's the state of being "High" off of Weed. It does not mean to be Drunk. (That's Sauced)
"Yoo... We got SMACKED yesterday
by Rickmasta April 23, 2010
4 8
bein royally fucked up on budd
this budd is dank yo, i am SMACKED
by BuddReApa420 March 27, 2003
42 48
Use of herion
Joe: Dude i smacked last night
Tom: What the fuck man, why didnt you invite me?
by Hellabeastinchic January 10, 2010
3 10
Full or near full to capacity.
I went to Chrome last week and it was smacked with honeys.
by TuMadresFav October 06, 2008
3 13
A man or a woman who is ugly.
Keisha is smacked as fuck.
by Moxyforyourbox March 18, 2004
49 64
when you have been taken down in a verbal barrage of insult
"Robbo is constantly smacked by the boys, he is learning but forever picking himself up off the floor..."
by king of smack October 19, 2003
8 53