When a person chews the face of themselves due to excessive drug taking
Cricky mate you are a smackout
by mark mckenna December 15, 2004
Top Definition
verb; adjective; noun

1. What you do when you are in a heavy drug-related intoxication. This may be you passing out, or carrying out extreme, wierd and funny behaviour.

2. The point after taking a pill when you take a hit.

3. An annoying light-weight.
1. "Ha, look at him talking to the microwave, he is fully smacking out"

2. "This is a great pill, I'm completely smacking out"

3. "Look at him, he's only had 2 pints and a joint, and his behaviour is causing me great annoyance. He is such a smack out."
by my-problem-box June 08, 2007
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