When you want your bitch to suck your cock.
Hey bitch come over here and Smack on this for a while.
by Mojo Maniac July 10, 2008
TO BE HIGH,the state of being high
Was u smack last night?
by tha 1 nd only Joker July 25, 2006
Shit, something people don't want to hear.
Stop talking smack or imma fuck you fuck
by Steven March 07, 2005
1.) Drugs in general, heroine in the specific.
2.)Something that is addictive and destructive to some degree.
A: Dood stop reading penny-arcade...
B: Can't... I'm addicted to smack...
by Camper October 13, 2002
To have sex with...
As in using the word "smack" to replace the word "fuck". Not as in the form of a punch-like hit. As in the same way "hit" is used to replace "fuck" by some.
Guy1: She is so fit...

Guy2: Yeah i'd smack that silly
by smackhead March 30, 2005
stuff, shit, anything along those lines
man, why you talkin smack?
by trey February 28, 2005
Really good
Damn those Doritos are smack
by Ghetto_gurrrllll_22210 November 25, 2014

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