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1. Smack Used to mean Herion.

2. Now espically in DC Smack means to talk to someone, like them, and think their cute, you wanna go out with them.
1. I heared he shoot that smack
2. That girl is fine, I'm tryna go smack
by Prec2686 August 28, 2010
A ghetto term used for "GUN"
ima get that smack n shoota nigga!
by who is you nigga!? April 28, 2010
Abnormal, Shit talking, Crown drinking Bish!
Someone keeps talking to you and all you hear is blah blah blah.....thats a smack.
by La La Linds August 17, 2007
a party or gathering of a medium size; not quite a bash
We wanted to throw a Halloween bash, but we decided to have a smack instead with fewer people.
by Geoff G August 31, 2007
slang for ecstasy.
at least at my school.
dude im so smacked right now!!
by fuigibish July 14, 2008
another word for shit
oh man this is bull smacks!!!
by sierra m. August 22, 2006
Real clean or good-looking; usually referred to stylish clothes or hair.
Damn, my hair be lookin` hella smack!

Aye, yo fit is smack, homie!
by annayy August 23, 2007
smoke + crack = smack
I don't smack, I lick pussy!
by Mack Daddy Mik & T-Hurt September 12, 2007