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disrespectful comments made toward or about someone

all through the interview, all he did was talk smack about A-Rod...not cool!

"don't lay any of your smack on ME, flip!"
by ColdOne November 14, 2005
458 350
Money. One (1) dollar. Can be coin, bills or a combination of both.
I just dropped 50 smacks on some new headphones.
by umbepo September 26, 2005
67 46
Slang term for Ecstasy.
Hey man, you got any smacks?
by freelovehippy August 07, 2008
81 64
To converse between one or more people about an individual or group of another. Negative gossip.
"Aw hell naw, did you 'ear that nasty bitch yackin' smack with those bitches that ain't even got her back. Daym disgraceful hoes."

by Ladgenta December 02, 2008
5 3
A verb, an almost exact approximation of meaning is the phrase "seems like", the only variance is that it may also be used to describe taste, e.g. "this coffee smacks of cinnamon".
This guy smacks of moldy diarrhea", "This haircut smacks of lame", "My balls smack of gross--and just smack period
by theultimatedestroyer September 02, 2010
13 12
1. To kiss.
2. To chew gum LOUDLY.
3. To lick your lips after eating something sweet.
1. I love it when he smacks my lips.
2. She sits at her desk smacking her gum and bored outta her mind.
3. She tastes lip-smacking good.
by mamalonglegs December 14, 2011
16 17
Verb, referring to the act of thizzin, or popping an ecstasy pill. Derrived from the moment when the Ecstacy comes into affect, it feels like you were just smacked in the face.
Hey Hayley are we going to smack on friday?


Dude i was so smacked at that party!
by How_i_love_montana May 13, 2008
34 35
1. Smack Used to mean Herion.

2. Now espically in DC Smack means to talk to someone, like them, and think their cute, you wanna go out with them.
1. I heared he shoot that smack
2. That girl is fine, I'm tryna go smack
by Prec2686 August 28, 2010
81 83