Top Definition
another word for big daddy
person whos keepin it real
a friend
barack obama

(tyri)Yo leroy you see what jerome did?
(Leroy)Ya hes smack daddy
by Slim thuggaAMF January 17, 2009
A person of great stature. The one who tells it like it is. A person who represents what everyone else wishes they could be.
by inya May 14, 2003
Heroin kingpin
"You bouta hit some licks?"
"Nah, I gotta go see smack daddy first"
by Naitor December 20, 2014
A person who likes to masterbate like a nympho(one who can never love).
Yo Smackdaddy... you be feeding the geese?? Playin wit' yo purple headed yogurt slinger?
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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