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A master of the art of conning.
That hamburglar is a real sly goose.
by java monster February 22, 2008
When an otherwise ladylike female subtly lifts one cheek in order to decompress air from her derrière. A skillful practitioner will couple this art with conversation or laughter as to dissuade any suspicion should the tuft of air carry an unpleasant odor.
George: Did somebody just fart?
Nancy: I think Rebecca pulled a sly goose.
by Rozu April 15, 2011
An Act were two friends engage in sexual intercourse behind the back of others.
" Jimmy got gripped in the back of his motor with Steve's Bird getting blew off, apparently he'd been giving her the Sly Goose for a while "
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
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