the pilot of an early 90s 6 cylinder pontiac, (sometimes reffered to as a firechicken, tiredbird, or simply "da 3.1).

he can usually be seen tearing up main ave drinking the beast with his t tops down and serious satelite radio floored. must be nice to have satelite radio...

a sluus joins an elite squad of proud 3.1 owners including a switchcock
"id dat sluus down dea"
by dr dipstick December 04, 2007
Top Definition
synonym for the word "slut". often used when a girl is ugly but still fuckable. the sluttier a girl is the more "u"'s are added.
"Yo I had to cut the sluu off after i gave her the dick."

"She is a real sluuuuuu. Yo dick might fall off if u fuck wid it."
by The Savior May 25, 2007
any female who takes her whorish ways one step beyond the level of slut... hence sluu, qrsTUvw
A girl is making out with a kid and playing a little tug the chub on the dance floor, she is a slut.

A girl who is willing to get down on her knees on a frats piss covered bathroom floor and either give you oral or vaginal pleasure, she is a sluu for shoooo.
by Tim Bianco March 18, 2008
pronounced "sluh"

1)A more friendly and less severe use of slut
2)referring to someone involved in scandalous activities, usually between friends.

alt. spelling: sluuu, sluh, sluuh
"Did u hear about Kat?"
"No, What?"
::whisper whisper whisper::
"She did what after the dance!?"
"I know right? What a sluu, haha"
by Dr. Kaufee February 08, 2009
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