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a girl who tries to stick her breasts out so far her shoulder blades make a knocking sound when she walks.
Hey, is that slutwhore #1 or #2?
by worm September 19, 2003
7 24
A girl who attempts to hook up with anyone who has a penis just because she wants attention.
Usually she is a two-faced bitch, who everyone hates.
I can't believe that slut-whore gave him a blow job in the Frank building after school.
by ItsKarmaBitch December 07, 2010
78 9
Not just a slut, not just a whore, but the ULTIMATE slutwhore!!!
This girl slept with every guy in our school, their dads, AND their moms. She was such a *slutwhore*
by Lisa March 13, 2003
56 12
When just saying "slut" or "whore" just isn't enough, and one is forced to combine both words into one!
"Oh, nuh-uh. She is NOT making out with my boyfriend! That slutwhore!"
by Caitlin March 28, 2005
38 9
name for a girl or boy that has in any way hurt you. they are often rude, snotty, and wears far to much makeup. most of these girls are only 14, and look rediculous in bright green eye shadow...also see scene kid or emo girl
"have you seen jennifer this year?" "yeah she looks like a slut whore"
by toshi530 April 21, 2006
15 22