The politically correct term for 'fuckbuddy.' One that fuck's just for the fuck of it with the same person for an extended period of time.
"Yeh man, she's just my sluttybuddy. I call her when I want sex."

"Your mama is my sluttybuddy."
by MKjAzZ December 15, 2005
Top Definition
A friend with benefits. A girl who seems conservative but secretly has sex with one guy and acts really slutty about it.
She doesn't seem tempted even when she's drunk but I bet she's someone's slutty buddy. She can't be that composed if she hasn't gotten any in 5 months like she says!
by Joe Cal November 24, 2007
Two girls that do every slutty thing together. They suck dick together, rub up on guys, have lots of sex and are besties.
Hey did you hear about Brook and the Slutty-buddies?
by Marsha-bae June 22, 2015

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