(noun) Two or more females resembling and/or acting like sluts in an everyday location
Man, have you ever noticed those two slutties at the gym? They definitely only come so guys can check them out. They don't even exercise; they just stretch out for an hour on the mat.
by Red dok September 18, 2007
Tasty, incredibly succulent, dripping with juices. Just as a slutty women provides extreme pleasure for all senses, so does slutty food.
"That was the sluttiest sandwich"
"Damn, that BB Riser(breakfast sandwich) was slutty."
by West House '06 May 30, 2006
slutty is what an ugly girl stereotypes a pretty girl.
Ugly Girl: omg, i love her hair.She's soo beautiful! She's so slutty!
by Patty:) November 15, 2008
Refers to food containing the qualities of: oozing, dripping, sloppy, fatty, heart-attack inducing, yet delicious.
Those wings last night were so slutty. I couldn't move for three hours after.
by Baby Jesus, Danimal, Sig May 04, 2009
An adjective used to describe the amount of pollen (aka: "tree spooge", "plant jizz", "tree jizz") that sticks to individual cars.
Brian: Jeez Bob, And i thought my car was slutty!
Bob: Yeh, mine turns pure yellow in the spring.
by niwa_daisuke April 07, 2009
The Scum of the Earth - Pathetic Young woman aged between 12 and 29 who dress in sexually explicit clothes (mini skirts, knee boots), fuck one guy, dump him the next morning when shes sober, and move on to the next guy, These Bitches can be found at places such as Rain Bar, The Hut, The Grumpy Mole and Flashbacks - In fact any bar anywhere in the World, They are pathetic attention whores and are considered the archcriminal of the planet and need to be tied to the towbark of a pick up truck and driven around a rugby field until they expire, stoned to death with broken bricks, or tied to a goalpost and shot via firing squad.
Slutty - Kelly Howard that whore that hangs out at Flashbacks
by Brother Number One May 29, 2005
an expression that you use to exclaim u have been harshly done by.
man 1: oi ur dogs dead faggot
man 2: thats very slutty indeed
man 1: i know ay, was a good dog
man 2: you want maccas?
by BIGROBDIZZLE May 25, 2007
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