1.A slut that likes to suck sacks.
2.A sack that has a slut in it.
You are a stupid slutsack.
by The Turd April 29, 2005
Top Definition
the largest form of a whore possible, because a sack is bigger than a bag
"Dude, where did u pickup that slutsack?"
"That slutsack has sex with 12 guys last night!"
by PFWx6 January 22, 2006
The vagina of a woman after years of overuse. One would imagine it has become so saggy and loose it hangs low like a sack.

It may also be used as a direct insult to a noun.
That Janet is such a whore. I bet she's got a massive slutsack.

You are a disgusting slutsack!
by >>tHe SaRa<< March 05, 2009
see: hoebag
1. A slut of unusual proportions.
2. Kevins Sister
(1) Man that guy is a real slutsack.
(2) Hey, look slutsack is here.
by Cpt. Murphy December 02, 2004
Bigger insult than 'slut'. Someone who has really been around the block. *wink wink*
The preppy girl at your school is a slutsack.
by pixie101808 January 27, 2010
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