A seemingly classy woman who galavants around the local watering holes in search of recognition. An established or career woman, usually mature and divorced. A closet whore.
"Hey, did you see Jay's mom at the bar last night?"

"Yea, she was hanging all over the dads in the place, it was a mess"
"Apparently you can still get laid no matter how old you are cause you played football when you were in high school."

"True. What a Slutress."
"I wish I played football in highschool."
by dotoking November 24, 2010
A girl that will do anything a guy wants in order to get something.
Person 1: Damn, I heard that Mary slept with Dave.

Person 2:Yea, thats why she got promoted.

Person 1: What a slutress.
by boomblaster213 October 13, 2009

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