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A term used for a female who you are disgusted with. Usually used in anger

Also used to describe a bustdown girl
Who asked you, slutdog!
She a slutdog, she'll swallow anything!
by Michael Hannah March 15, 2006
A term used for all things bad or good a compliment and a offense whatever happens or whatever situation you are in shout slutdog discreetly or obviously and all your worries will go away no matter whats going on say slutdog
Jackson you little slut dog this chair's such a little slutdog you slut dog
by lewgejo October 16, 2013
A person who gets on your nerves and you have nothing else to call them.
Angel you are a fuckin slut dog.
by Kayla L. July 05, 2008
A dog that repeatedly smells or licks other dogs buts, but will never express a prefrence, therefore will keep on doing so until it dies.
"look at that slut dog! I wish it would make up its mind, i don't want it licking my Cocker Spaniel!"
by luckcock July 13, 2008

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