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the ability to spot a slut at 50 paces .. even while they are incognito
Chris' slutdar was in full operational mode on Friday at the bar.
by Sheri April 22, 2005
when you have done/almost something sexual with someone, and the whole school is hounding you for it as if there was a red target dot on you at all times.

*exception: slut-dar can be used even if it was a brief kiss, these are extreme conditions and have been known to occur at harbord numerous times
V: "randoms were talking about you and that boy in bio class"
M: "how the fuck did they know about it, they're so random"
J: "trust me, its the slut-dar, when one knows, they all know..."
by jamisonlabs November 19, 2008
-Also known as: Slut Detection And Ranging. SlutDAR, is considered a sixth sense.
-It is known to be a special sensory ability, given to both men and women, to locate and intercept sluts from any given distance.
-SlutDAR is typically used solely for locating slutty straight females, however, when it is used in conjunction with GayDAR, both male and female sluts could possibly be located.
Don't forget your to use your slutdar to pick up some bitches tonight.
by mizak September 06, 2011
It's similar to gaydar. The power to pinpoint a slut in a crowd.
(As a nasty girl walks by) "BEEP, BEEP! My slut-dar is going off!"
by musicloverw1 September 23, 2006
Women-who-spot-a-guy-with-no-ring-and-swarm-him-like-vultures-on-a-carcass senses.

Heightened ability to detect a slutty person among a group of people.
Her slutdar was going off at an alarming rate as the pack of broads descended upon her unsuspecting boyfriend.

Serena: That slut bag Sheila must be here, my slutdar is off the charts!
by canned grasshopper January 28, 2012
Being able to detect a sloppy ho (slut) by the way they speak/act or any other characteristics.
Tina: U have a girlfriend?
Greg: Yeah
Tina: I bet she doesn't swallow your sticky load
Greg: No
Tim: Damn, my slutdar just went off.. Tina.. yous a nasty ho.
by tripdnokc August 24, 2010
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