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A slang term used to describe a promiscuous, Asian female who engages in unprotected sex with sailors. A slutchins can usually be found at the bar, gulping drinks as if they were the bodily fluids she is used to consuming, while engaging in a courtship dance that involves fist pumping and ass-shaking like a skank on top of the bar. Her nipples tend to fall out of her skanky clothes. At the end of the night, if you live up to her standards, she will reward you by cooking you a feast of pasta and eggs... usually because she's so stoned.
"Wow look at that slutchins... I wonder how many sailors have plugged up those holes."
by seamorebutts March 12, 2009
when you are making out with a guy, and his five-o'clock shadow rubs your face raw
"Last night I was making out with Adam and today I have really bad slut chin."
by Kelly and Claire October 20, 2007
when you are making out with a boy who has a five-o'clock shadow and it rubs your chin raw
yo, i was smooching adam last night and now i have the mark of a slut chin!
by claire delaney November 03, 2007
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