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Colorful term used when providing examples of how slutty someone is.
"When she had sex with that guy she had just met an hour ago and never even asked him what his name was, well, that was just icing on the slutcake."
by J. Prizzle October 11, 2006
37 9
Slut cakes is a term used to describe a female that looks very sexy and delicious. One who you would want to lick her all over because she looks tasty like a cake of your favorite flavor.
Alexis looked so hot today, gosh she is a lil slut cake.
by carbinebbq July 22, 2006
127 23
A female who extreamely enjoys all kind of oral, vaginal and anal intercourse with any man who pays a good price.
Steve: Ohhh, look she is fit!!

Zak: I wouldnt mate, shes a right SlutCake!!

Steve: At least shes not a cardboard trooper who likes a hairy bootlick

Zak: Wonder if she wants a Butt Nugget or a Plumbers Pinch
by Hernebaynian May 10, 2010
10 5
A very attractive ho.
Man, I am real conflicted about taking a slice of those slutcakes she has.
by ASSMASTER May 23, 2004
13 8
A tremendous, Mega Mondo Ginormous, incredibly massive Slut-Not in size but Slutiness
A slutty slutty girl barely worth eating
A slutasticly slutageous slut
Check out this Slutcake! ahahahahah
by RIPCLAW February 27, 2009
5 3
A girl who basically needs to be bitch slapped, sleeps around, and also another name for a girl getting fucked doggystyle in a porno. -Scott
Maria oh you mean slut cakes?
by AIM = BreathingFirex February 23, 2005
14 13
A girl or guy one finds attractive or "cute", but who appears to be or likely to be a huge slut
"Wow Jenny is such a cutie"
"Yeah but look at her, shes a total slutcake"
by idefyphysics March 31, 2010
2 2