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any being enganging in sexual activity with a slut.
damn b! she nasty! you's a slutbanger!
by jason cook November 16, 2004
11 1
A person who has relations with a so called "slut"
That slut banger nailed that whore last night.
by fuck you original kevin November 28, 2007
33 6
A man (usually) who has little self respect or self esteem and in desperation fucks sluts just to get some. This man can also be an all time loser and therefore cannot get a decent woman and has to fall back on sluts and hookers just to give his hand a rest.
John "Oh wow a slut, I will get laid they never turn anyone down!"

Slut-"Oh fuck another god damn slut banger loser, why do I feel sorry for these guys?"
by Daddieslilgirl November 04, 2010
10 1
A man who frequents restaurant bars with a t-shirt that has the word "slutbanger" on it. This man can and will bang any slut that makes eye contact with him. His hands, while delicate enough to roll a perfect pie at his mon-fri job at pizza hut, can be deadly enough to "wipe the floor with you." His 6'2 220 lb frame is a force to be reckoned with.
Jim: don't bring your girl to the bar tonight bob, slutbanger is going to be there.

bob: who?

jim: some dude that will choke-slam you through a table, then have sex with your girl on top of your lifeless body.
by mannys commish October 28, 2009
4 5