a yummy drink from the gas station
oo lets go get slushies!!
by abbieann June 03, 2005
Top Definition
1. A delicious beverage including finely crushed ice, water and flavoured sugar syrup. Usually comes in Coke ("Froke" = frozen coke)or Raspberry flavour. Can be bought at service stations and cinemas.
2. Slut + Lush: A girl who drinks to excess, while being easy. Someone who is an easy drunk.
1. Mmm, this slushie goes down nice.
2. Mmm, this slushie goes down nice.
#drinks #syrup #lush #slut #yum
by beylix December 21, 2006
The words Lush and Slut mixed
Lush = Alcoholic
Slut = likes sex
"Stop being such a slushie."
by Emma April 21, 2005
SLuShiE wen a girl / woman one of the female persuasion..has vagina lips that overhang and clap together like a two bits of wet saggy smelly meat thundering off each other..and then there is definate cummage..:o
saoirse: *takes a puff* it's like wen i walk and im wearing slippers or sandals my pussy lips grindin wen i walk..and it feels kinda like a slushie ..
#saoirse #pendulous #puff #pussy #slushie #slut
Stick a coffee sturer into a guys penis hole and drink his cum.
"My girlfriend gave me a blueberry slushie
#slushie #black #cum #gay #yummy
by blackman FUSE June 26, 2010
a terrible drink and a terrible nickname
Eww this slushie tastes like shit
#jl #jlushin #jlush #slushie #slush
by Dario! November 30, 2006
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