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noun, comes from the english words "slut" and "guru".

A female in her late 20s/early 30s with a deep knowledge of all thing slutty, gained through years of experience. Her friends in their early 20's look to her for guidance in any number of things, be it how to make sure hookups/booty calls don't try to spend the night, how to hook up w/ brothers, best-friends, roommates, etc. without drama, how to turn a friend into a "friend with benefits" and avoid the awkwardness that can come post-hook up, even how to best recover from a hangover. A Sluru is widely respected throughout her circle of friends and is often known even beyond her immediate friends, she is somewhat of a legend among girls.
Chick 1: Ugh, I hooked up with these two roommates and now it's a big mess!

Chick 2: Here's the number of my Sluru, call her, she will bestow her wisdom upon you.
by SluruJ July 13, 2009
When a bitch is fat enough to be a walrus, but is also the town slut.
Guy 1: Hey! Did you hear what Sarah did?
Guy 2: Yeah! Jeff said she's a complete slurus.
by 94Fatboy January 11, 2016
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