it is compound of the words slutty-nerd
you are such a slurd
by moi December 10, 2004
Top Definition
A chunk of ice or hard slush, usually dark brown, which is found in the middle of, or alongside, the road in winter, having fallen off a passing car. It's made up of the slushy stuff that builds up behind the wheels and is also known as a car booger.
Bill, the idiot, crashed his car into a telephone pole playing "Dodge the Slurds" on his way to the store today. He's such a stupid dinktwat!
by Cluin May 11, 2006
verb: 1) to shoot massive amounts of diarrhea out of your anus 2) to spit game to a girl with a lot of wet saliva dangling from one's palette

noun: 3) a heap of doo-doo
1) After consuming massive amounts of butterburgers and turtle fries, young Ono slurded his whole life away on the toilet.

2) Dirt likes to slurd to girls on a regular basis...and wets their face in the process.

3) Hero took Ono's slurd from the toilet and flung it on his own face...and called it war paint.
by Coadman January 25, 2007
the word you were appoint to an extreme slut. so slutty, that she deserves to be called slut in an indian accent. possibly a mixture of slut-whore in there somewhere too. guys can be slurds in rare cases.
"hey, you heard about jamie?"
"no, what's that slurd up to?"
"SLURDDDDDD-ing it up, that's what."
by bro-ccoli September 08, 2008
sloppy turd. slides out of the anus
oi mate keep outa the shit box for ten, just dropped the fattest slurd.
by alxmzzzn October 13, 2015
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