A common reference for the dancer and basketball player Donald
Dude, there's Slunk tearing it up again
by the real manager July 13, 2008
An inebriated female
To many, Juicejuice acted like a slunk; drunk, penisless and looking for acceptance by starting doltish posts.
by Jomama Phool August 07, 2003
The large accumulation of ice and snow that builds up in the wheel wells of your vehicle while driving on roads that are not cleaned of snow.
Also the sound the lump makes when kicked off the car.
Large off white cold mass of snow and salted ice.
by Tom Lamb February 17, 2005
Slunk- a mix between crunk and slinky!
Man last night was hella slunk!
by Joey Caplan April 28, 2007
So tired that you're acting drunk.
Dude, you should go to bed. You're crazy slunk right now.
by Cheeseandcrackers July 24, 2015
A Drunk Slut
Girl1: What is that girl doing?

Girl2: Don't worry about her. She's a slunk
by DefineABitch April 18, 2015
Slut and skank together
Jeez, Savannah is such a slunk.
by Eileen Paige January 20, 2015

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