being both slutty and drunk. simultaneously.
Dude, that girl is soooo slunk. She hooked up with 5 guys AND my girlfriend.
by gollygeewizicles May 28, 2009
Combination of "Didn't do shit" and "Punked out." The word came to exist most likely through the black languages of inner city mayhem, but appeared globally on the hit HBO show "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Watch closely in season 6 Episode 4 nearly 16 minutes into the episode.
(Earlier that day LD is verbally assaulted in the waiting room of a doctor's office...)

Leon: "So what'd you do LD?"

LD: "I, I, I...I don't know, I slunked out!"

Leon: "You slunked out!?"
by unclekeif February 01, 2009
Slunk: a hybrid of the words sloppy and drunk. It is used to describe either a person who is so drunk he makes a mess of himself (ie. puking, shitting one's self, etc.) or sloppy in doing things one would normally be able to do (ie. pouring, and completely missing, "sum mo' drank in yo cup";or knocking over shit like everybody's drink on the table.
Person 1: Wow, Jon just shit his pants AND puked in the fish bowl and STILL has the energy to smash three full bottles of vodka!

Person 2: Jon is soooo slunk!
by alexjos August 27, 2006
A combination of sloppy and drunk. A take-off of crunk, slunk represents being so drunk that that person is no longer fun or enjoyable, just sloppy as hell. The difference between slunk and crunk could be summed up to be, "Crunk is a party mood, slunk is just a slop, wtf were you thinking mood."
"Wow that party was slunk. All the girls were so drunk they were falling all over themselves."
by Barrald November 26, 2006
A cross between a chicken chunk and a chicken slab. Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside. Natural and nutritious. Adored by three wonderful GW students, sold at local Asian-flavored establishments in the Washington Metropolitan area. Loved by all, shuned by none. A truly deletable poultry piece.
Sizzing Express- Chicken Chunks
Galleria- Chicken Slabs
What will be formed soon once a poultry revolution is begun..THE SLUNK
by Anonymous GW Students March 06, 2006
A slutty drunk
That slunk has been hanging all over my best friend
by mer December 23, 2002
A common reference for the dancer and basketball player Donald
Dude, there's Slunk tearing it up again
by the real manager July 13, 2008

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