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having or exhibiting a grainy yet slimy and oily texture, may or may not give off foul odors
after a long day of rotting in the sun, my peanut butter had become rather slunchy and quite frankly, in-edible
#disgusting #slimy #putrid #rotten #gross
by shayde1 June 15, 2010
The most insulting term of 2013. This word stems from the term slunch which is a combination of 'slut', 'c@#t', and 'bitch'. This term is quite efficient in that you can use it to insult someone quickly. Slunchy is the same thing but also combines the term 'ugly'.
eg. "yuck! That girl is fuckin Slunchy!"

"Did you see dem Slunchies last night slut droppin?"

"That prozzy on the corner is that Slunchy! "

"I hate kate the most out of everyone, I would definitely go as far as calling her Slunchy"
#slut #bitch #cunt #ugly #slunch #hate
by bonesybones June 08, 2013
pronounced (slun-chee)

generally, a tits-awesome guy or lady-female (if you're freaky)

used as a nickname for guys, but an adjective for the ladies.
hi, i'm slunchy, and people say i'm pretty fucking awesome.

that girl over there looks slunchy to me, let's see what she's up to.
#slunchy #freaky #tits-awesome #nickname #yaw-control
by slunchy June 15, 2010
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