I first heard this word about 1960 in the phrase, "she is a slunch c_ _ _"

Used in a derogatory fashion when describing a female.
"That slunch c_ _ _ she stood me up"
by Roland February 11, 2004
Top Definition
n., a term referring to a lunch-break used to have sex as opposed to eat lunch; origin: "sex" and "lunch"
"we're going to go for some slunch."
by al November 10, 2004
To slouch and/or hunch over. can be observed by noticing the lack of vertical erection in ones back while sitting or standing.
Stop your slunching. Stand up straight.
by this ones for you Jessica January 30, 2008
A highly derogatory term for females. A combination of the words slut, cunt, and bitch all rolled into one insult. This saves valuable time and energy when letting some girl know her role.
"Shut up you fucking slunch!" "Man that girl is a slunch!"
by GYCJU October 08, 2005
n.; etymology: A portmanteau word <sl- (in slutty) and -unch (in brunch)>

a single meal that takes place between the hours of eleven in the morning to four in the afternoon and is intended to combine sluttiness with breakfast with lunch. Ergo, sluttiness + brunch becomes slunch.
Daaamn. We went out to slunch the other day with bottomless mimosas that degenerated into four loko pong and nobody remembers what happened or who won.
by deathbychai March 24, 2011
To physically accost by half slapping and half punch simultaneously the other bitch's face.
"Oh hell no, biatch! You did not just pull my weave. I'm gonna slunch yo face, skank!"
by Penguin Puppet May 23, 2010
The meal you have between lunch and supper
Guy 1: Is that a snack?
Guy 2: No It's just slunch
by Grintera April 30, 2015
when you missed your lunch and you cant wait for supper. thens it's slunch.
" it was so busy at work i dropped in to micky dee,s and had slunch
by Oi! you December 30, 2010
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