Shit, Poor Quality, Below Par.
"This weed is fucking slum man, it don't even get you high"

"Hey, you coming to the gig?"
"No, I aint got no cash"
"Slum, man"
by g4tch February 09, 2014
Luxury Trailer park in Jackson New Jersey. Home of Hoop The Mountain Man.
Hoop lives in the slum.
by Joe the HOOP September 15, 2005
Something that someone says when they are excited, looking to be annoying, or just being awesome. It is also a versatile word, used for anger, happiness or anger. Synonyms can be added to make it cool. Ex. Slumtastic, Slumeriffic. Even words such as slumblebee, aslumni.
That shrt is slummy
I love slum!
by heylookitswill May 15, 2009
to be lazy, boring, annoing, or fatigued
"Slutban, why are you being such a slum?
by Moonme October 01, 2007
When a band or group sound weak or real bad.
Man, thoses bammas slummed tonight.
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
pretty gay, sucks, really bad, damn
"THE HELL YO!!! what's with this shit you got me. This shit slums yo get me another dime bag."
by drointhewind December 29, 2002
the act of using drugs usually with one or more parties
1.) I slummed it with Adam, we toked hella.
by Pinilla November 21, 2004

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