A one shot hit to any area of a person that debilitates them for a large amount of time.
When I got robbed they slumped me on the head with a 9mm.

Luckily I took it like a man (cause I was drunk) and their asses ran down the street.

But due to the massive slumping I needed 3 staples in my head, and I bled ALOT!
by GhettoNeophyte February 18, 2009
Top Definition
to be high as hell ..
damn yo ..im slumped rite now my dudes
by 201chick March 13, 2009
To get knocked unconcious during involvement in an altercation.
That bamma tried to fight Kelz and got slumped.
by Corey Dyson May 01, 2005
Killed. Refers to the position a body takes if shot in a car or a sitting position, as in "slumped over".
"Brandy all f**ked up in the head cuz her babby daddy got slumped"
by Mistress Quabeena July 12, 2005
To be extremely tired. Struggling to stay awake
Me: " you look like you haven't slept in days"
You: "I'm fuckin slumped man"
by thatmotherfucker69696 February 15, 2015
To be really tired
"Damn, I'm slumped after B-ball practice" said Jonathan
by SlangKING98 April 23, 2015
Term commonly used amongest the highest level of fuckboys. A term primarily used by a person to indicate that they have the mental capacity of a new born and/or have no reason to live other than to fuck people over.
Person#1: "Hey, I heard that guys a stupid fuckboy"

Person #2 : "Yea, he's most certainly a SLUMPEDBOY"
by Mr.TruAf January 07, 2016

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