A freshman college girl, who starts the year as a cute beer guzzler at the local fraternity party; who then becomes 20 lbs heavier and willing to go home with any guy who needs a piece of ass.
Everybody has the hook up tonight, I need to get the slump buster over here to take care of my business.
by SPEKick April 20, 2006
A female friend that you turn to when you need sum sex 'coz yo' aint been getting much.
Hopefully not, but may often be unnatractive.
"I hadnt had a fuck for ages so I asked my good friend if she'd be my Slump Buster."
"My regular Slump Buster waz outta town, so I had to go a hooker instead."
by Diego September 11, 2003
A Fun Guy 2 Bust A Move With But In the Real World Is A Slump.
A guy who still lives at home after High School and his band still plays weekend kegers.
by LKZ March 09, 2005
A 46oz cocktail that you mix for your cuz, or buddy when he is down and out, in a rut,and pissed at the world.
I was feelin' kind of shitty today so I woke up and drank a slumpbuster and I felt fine.
by kenji kallooski September 18, 2006
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