When you don't get laid for awhile, your in a slump. So you screw a girl that you would not be seen in public with unless you were intoxicated.
Yo Banksta!!! that girl last night was a SlumpBuster!!! I bet she was happy this morning when she seen you!!! LOL
by Ryan Ren a.k.a. Lil 'RR' August 28, 2008
Any person that ends another person's long spell of sexual inactivity.
*does not apply to virgins
Guy at Party: "Hey man, are you two together"
Guy previously in Slump: "No way dude, she's merely a slumpbuster."

by Jack McFadden September 01, 2006
A female that is used to end to end a period lacking females. A slump buster is, generally speaking, less than what one's standards would be, had the person using the slump buster been in a time flourishing in the female department. It is usually looked back upon as a mistake.
Sean: Dang, did you see that fat chick Josh was making out with?
Jared: It's fine, we've all had our fair share of slump busters.
by J Mane May 16, 2010
a slutty girl that baseball players have sex with in order to break a slump.
I went 3 for 3 today thanks to that slump buster last night.
by Johnn b February 16, 2008
a person who likes having sexual intercourse with someone much larger than they are.
Big girls need love too, so its okay to be a slumpbuster.
by Panda1993 August 18, 2012
That team in your Fantasy Football League you know everybody lays the Hammer to.
I am going to hammer those drunk guys in our Fantasy Football League. They are a slumpbuster.
by Ziggy's Pack October 06, 2010
A freshman college girl, who starts the year as a cute beer guzzler at the local fraternity party; who then becomes 20 lbs heavier and willing to go home with any guy who needs a piece of ass.
Everybody has the hook up tonight, I need to get the slump buster over here to take care of my business.
by SPEKick April 20, 2006

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