to act out throughout the day as a bum; to do nothing all day
John woke up on Sunday morning and decided that he will slum all day and do nothing.
by synical33 April 18, 2005
The act of waiting till 3am to cruise by the more popular night clubs in search for drunken hoodrats to pick up and spend the evening with. With the intent to engage in sexual activities,
Yo, ALfredo! you ready for some slumming?". "Nah mann, I got to many STD's"
by Chris "the last word" March 15, 2008
something that basically doing bad or is undesirable. Commonly used in Washington DC slang. also see "slummin".
Ay, I don't know what was up with Tony on the basketball court today. Usually he scores at least 12 points per game, but today he was slumming -- only scoring 3 points and giving 4 turn overs.
by Tabnaka February 04, 2006
hangin out, ususlly in ghettos.
"We're just slumming here. you know, hanging out."
by Anonymous August 19, 2003

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