The act of waiting till 3am to cruise by the more popular night clubs in search for drunken hoodrats to pick up and spend the evening with. With the intent to engage in sexual activities,
Yo, ALfredo! you ready for some slumming?". "Nah mann, I got to many STD's"
#hoodrats #slums #slumming #sluming #sexo
by Chris "the last word" March 15, 2008
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to hang out- or go out with someone on a lesser scale than you
a senior "slumming" a freshman to get some nice tyte pussy wit lil or no hard work

by Anonymous August 31, 2003
To hang out with someone of much different socialeconomic status usually for the reason of wanting to look cool or to feel more connected with another culture very different from one's upbringing.

Usually there's a reason for such actions -- a bullet on a resume or being seen helping out one's fellow man.
Is that Generation X'er feeling the spirit of volunteering or just slumming with those guys he smokes with on the steps of the Soup Kitchen.

Why's Greg slumming with that fat unemployed single Latino mom? He's got a degree and a good job. Well, he's not over his divorce and he just wants to enjoy something light, fun and very sexual. He says he can talk her into anything. He'll get over her and move back up to someone more his level soon enough.
#seduction #enticement #toying with #class struggle #pretty boy toy #social slavery
by Z train March 04, 2006
Dating or, usually, fucking someone much less attractive than oneself.
I've been extra horny lately, so I've been slumming.
by BigKiss November 09, 2003
Young-ish, wealthy parasites feeding off the lifestyles of the urban working classes in order to appear cool or hard. These hypocrites typically hang with their new poorer friends for a while, find out the daily grind isn't exactly what they had envisioned, get bored or scared or tired of having to actually work for once, and then return to their trust funds.
For the quintessential example of slumming, listen to Pulp's album A Different Class, and their song "Common People".
#parasitic #poseur #fronting #bogus #affectation #scamming #sponge
by AliceInHell October 07, 2005
The process of hanging around poor people to either -

A. Make fun of them.


B. Make yourself feel better about your own life or give pity/gain experience slummin it to see what life is like out there for the unfortunates.
Carl went slumming yesterday at the village. When he arrived he went into their tiny smelly apartment and spit on the floor and ripped up a couple of their rags. Also made fun of the poor kids running around in their underwear.

Bob went over the projects to rough it out and see what it was like to live a day in the life of someone who lives worse than ethiopians.
#slums #slummin #poor people #poor kids #pos #ghetto #projects
by lodilordlod April 05, 2010
n. The act of touring through the poor side of town to gawk and make fun of the inhabitants there, usually with a group of one's friends. Notably an activity of insecure rich white kids.
Matt: Hey Jimmie, you wanna cut out after school in my dad's Hummer and do some slumming?

Jim: Hell yeah! I love knowing that there's plenty of trash out there to keep the burgers flippin'.
by Carl Willis July 22, 2004
to shop shop resale shops and second hand stores espeically ones in undesirable neighborhoods. stores include but not limited to Salvation Army Goodwill and Savers
Hey Betsy are you out slumming today? Let me know what you got!!
#slummin #shopping at neiman marcus #shopping at macys #garage sale-ing #thrfting
by mrcheapskate December 13, 2012
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