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A particularly easy-to-use repository for cum, typically a female of much lower class.

Etymology: Probably a portmanteau of Middle English "slut" and Modern English "cumdumpster," but possibly a portmanteau of "cumdumpster" and Modern English "slum."
"I love my wife, but she doesn't alway satisfy me, so sometimes I have to drive down to the projects and find a slumdumpster to drop my load in."

"Our cleaning lady can't clean worth shit, but she's cheap, and she lets my roommates and me use her as a slumdumpster. Saves on tissues!"

"Mark's girlfriend doesn't like to swallow, so she hired a cheap slumdumpster to dump his wad in when they're done."
#cumdumpster #slut #whore #receptacle #tissue #woman #cum-guzzler
by Jackie Ho September 21, 2011
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