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stripping naked as fast as you can while a girls back is turned , then digitally jackhammering a womans vagina so hard that causes her both confusion and distress. in occassion it is known to cause the girl to run out of the room both crying and screaming into the safety of a locked automobile.
Me: Once down the shore I knew a kid that got a girl drunk, and while she was sleeping he coaxed her to hook up with him. They moved into the girls room and continued to mess around. The girl went to lock her door and from the walk from her bed to the door my friend stripped naked as fast a a harlem globetrotter pulls off his warm-ups. He then jumps back under the covers, unbenounced to the girl. She thinks its strange but ok's the gesture. My friend decides to place his hand up her special spot and repeatedly thrust to the point of pain. She tells him to stop. At this point he ask if he can "put his dick in her". She then runs out of the room in a panic through the living room and out into a honda civic which she instantly locks
Upon this the girls roomates wake up from their respective slumbers. Another and I walk into the room to see this young man smiling with the smirk and arms crossed behind his head. The girls kick him out of the house and into the rain; he was officially banned from this house for life. Upon hearing this our group decides to walk out of the house. As we were walking out the door we asked why our friend got kicked out in such terrible fashion, he responded, "I don't know. All i did was slukjob that thundercunt. It wasnt like I tried to mushroom tattoo or raw dog her.”
by dr.dentaldouche? September 26, 2010

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