a cigar or cigarette, a cigar would normally be referred to as a big slug.
Wanna go smoke?
Sure i got a couple slugs on me.
by NewBeeDemon December 23, 2008
A cadet at West point who is brutal beyond belief by being to HOOAH! for there own good. They enjoy all things cadet like spirit missions, asking for knowledge and their favorite sport, ultimate frisbee. Basically slugs are gay.
Guy 1: Hey Texas, you like going on spirt missions and wearing your dog tags all over the place. You are such a slug.
Guy 2: Ya Slugado, you are brutal
Guy 3: I am really not that slugish and you know it.
by Army Baseball October 27, 2008
Gold, platinum teeth

mainly used in New Orleans
What kinda nigga got buku slugs in his mouth
What kinda nigga got buku drugs in his house
- Juvenile
by thaflu May 05, 2008
A cross between a slut and a slag.
That girl is such a slug.
by ziddi April 12, 2005
to punch in the face
im goina slug u soooo hard!
by james August 07, 2004
gold tooth
damn that boys got a whole mouth mouf full of slugs.
by Robbie February 19, 2004
bushy untrimmed, untamed eyebrows or unibrow.
did you see that bitchs slugs wheres the tweezers at??
by browlessM April 19, 2011
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