member in a rap group who is responsible for aesop rocks horendous beat in Ill be OK. some kind of harmonica hillbilly bullshit. but hes an ok rapper but his voice is pretty monotone and boring
hillbilly wigga: hey yall check dis! (turns on his corn-cob boombox only to have "toe tapping" harmonica screetching)
me: you bucktooth backwoods retard that sucks bigger balls then liberatchi!
hillbilly wigga; nu huh! its slug, just like wat i eat everyday
me: thats why it sux
by ghetto mac September 04, 2006
gold teeth
ya boy got a mouth full of slugs
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
Slugs are people who anonymous ride-share, with drivers who need an extra body or two to get into the high-occupancy lanes.

Slugs line up for a free ride at designated spots such as commuter parking lots, street corners, and bus stops where drivers use them to get in high-occupancy lanes to make commuting for the driver faster.

Slugs is reported to come from bus drivers, who were waived off by people at bus stops who were waiting to be picked up by commuters. The "slugs" term was orginally used as the term for a counterfeit coins. In this case it is used for "fake" bus riders, neigher of which pay.

The slugging process works like this. A driver comes up to a line of people going to work or the city and announces his destination to the "caller" who is the person who is at the head of the line. The "caller" then relays the destination information to the slugs behind, to find the persons in the front of the line going to the same place.

There is a slug etiquitte, which includes never giving the driver your name, no eating, no drinking, extremely limited sell phone use, no messing with the music, no messing with the windows, and no heavy pollical, religious debates etc.

Counterfeit coins used in subways and buses are also known as slugs.
Don't you hate being on highway with bumper to bumper traffic, and see these crazy car poolers in the high occupancy vehicle lanes zoom by.

No, when traffic is really bad I pick up a couple slugs. I think of it as carpooling lite. Where you have the freedom to do what you want when you want, fast, on fast highways.

But do you really want to have a bunch of strangers in your car?

When you commute with slugs there is a certain amount of etiquitte that you don't find with some car poolers, who think they have the same rights in your car as they do in their car.
by mlhiss May 22, 2008
Acronym; Sean Likes Ugly Girls

Sean(Slug) is the rapper in the underground hiphop group ATMOSPHERE, consisting of Mr. Dibbs as the DJ, Anthony as the producer, and Crescent Moon of the Oddjobs as the hypeman
"Did you get Slug's 5 disc cd set?"
"Yeah man.. S.L.U.G. - Sean Likes Ugly Girls"
"Get out nerd"
by NotSlug December 30, 2004
Young horny Legal sluts. Normally towards the end of the night they are getting riled up and wet. There for leaving a trail of slime in certain places weather it be the bar stool/ taxi back to your house or on your stomach.
Let go fuck some slugs
by SmokingChops August 26, 2007
nba slackers, a phrase used by Charles Barkley describing the Miami Heat's supporting cast
Those slugs on the Heat got to step up, Shaq and Wade can't do all the work
by RE1000 May 16, 2006
a organisation of 3 people consisting of the commander, god father and the hero of slugs. Thier is also a king slug. The motto "do not mess with the best because the best do not mess.

"they are the people"
king slug "unknown"
commander "neil lovell"
godfather "david gourley"
national hero "andy graham"

snails do not count
by snoop dog June 01, 2004
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