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to punch in the face
im goina slug u soooo hard!
by james August 07, 2004
Cole Hutto's mispronounciation of the word 'slut'.
Get out of the way, slug!
by Cds January 17, 2004
Damn yo, they raised da price to a SLUG.

Ay Richard, lemme hold a SLUG til' tommorow.
by Rickey G December 14, 2003
A cadet at West Point who is brutal beyond belief. They usually enjoy everything hooah at West Point and are extremely annoying. Their favorite activities include: FCDT, spirit missions, ruck marches, plebe duties, and dressing up for spirit dinners. Basically, slugs are gay.
Guy 1: Hey scott you are a slug
Guy 2: Ya slugado you are annoying.
Slug: Hey man I am not that much of a slug
Guy 1: yes you are Scott
Guy 2: Ya you and Squirtl should go bayonet people.
by Army Baseball December 07, 2008
someone who wanks everywhere
god man your like totally a slug why did you have to do it in my house you fuckin slug
by malli December 21, 2006
Someone who has little to do, or who does little. Someone lazy, and they know it. They sit around all day, and do nothing, and skive at work.
"Mike and Danny are the biggest slugs I have ever seen. They actually sit there, and slug away, all day"
by Stu Moz March 03, 2006
A dope guy. Usually lazy, gets the girls, and has a care free life.
Justin is slug. " hey Sluggy wut up "
by Kyle nisher June 08, 2005