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1)(n)a slimy organism that dies easily from exposure to salt
2)(n)(slang)a bullet
3)(n)(slang)a dollar

1-I think slugs are snails without the shell...
2-"Yea he in ICU...he caught a slug in his leg."
3-"I needa borrow a slug so i can get on da bus!"
by Defined March 03, 2007
a big fat blunt see: fatty whop
Nigga rolled a 5 gram slug last night.
by heya.biffo December 21, 2006
censored way of saying ugly slag
she's a right slug
he's sitting over there with that slug
by BuD Humble October 20, 2006
English unit for mass, equivelent to 14.59 kilogram. Not to be associated with newtons and pounds.
Ten gallons of water has a mass of 2.59 slugs.
by Andrew . July 03, 2006
a bullet usually with a flat tip
some mac 10s and desert eagles have slugs
by m82a1 November 13, 2005
What comes out of the gun when you pull the trigger.

A bullet.
''...that said .22 slug to your head,
travel all the way down to your leg.''

Mobb deep - Hell on earth
by fuck everybody else May 09, 2005
someone that takes ages to photocopy letters
Oi, Alexis you slug!!You took ages!!
by loosey March 17, 2005